Stay current, save time with TDI eMagazines

Transition Dynamics Inc. is now publishing six eMagazines that provide easy access to new, stimulating information for helping families and their enterprises take advantage of change.

The eMags are published using Flipboard, a free app for iPads, iPhones and Android mobile devices.

Curated by Michael (Mike) T. Hartley, the eMags include:

Economics and Investing Technology Trends DKE Daily Knowledge Engine Family Enterprice Impact Philanthropy

“We are publishing new information, knowledge and wisdom to help our clients and their advisors recognize, understand, and take advantage of the opportunities created by change,” Mike says. “And, to help save their valuable time, we are sifting out as much irrelevant noise as possible.”

“Our mission is to be the source of filtered and aggregated information most trusted by our readers,” Mike says. “While our curating policy is still being refined, we are avoiding most news items, opinion pieces, gaming technology, and soft business news. We are also avoiding personality pieces except those in which the subjects clearly demonstrate admirable traits or failings to be avoided.”

Unlike traditional print magazines, eMags published on Flipboard are not written and edited by an editorial staff. Instead, a curator (or team of curators) combs through articles published on the web selecting those that fit the needs and interests of their audience.

“To stimulate and maintain reader interest, we are adding new articles five days a week and changing covers at least once a day,” Mike says. “And, it’s working; after only two weeks of publishing, we have over 3,000 subscribers between the six eMags.”

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