Family Wealth System

Important forms of capital within each subsystem of the Family Wealth System

Family subsystem Business subsystem Investment/Family Office subsystem Philanthropic Subsystem
Relational competencies: Business competencies: Investment competencies: Charitable competencies:
Important forms of Human Capital
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Conflict management
  • Ideas about importance of family
  • Management skills
  • Understanding of oversight roles
  • Ideas about entrepreneurship
  • Evaluating and monitoring investments
  • Understanding taxes
  • Ideas about saving versus spending
  • Generosity
  • Knowing how much is enough
  • Ideas about giving back to community and sharing wealth
Important forms of Social Capital
  • Connections among family members
  • Openness to new members
  • Ideas about participation in family
  • Good relations with those outside family wealth system
  • Ideas about collaboration
  • Understanding how to choose and work with advisors
  • Ideas about needs and wants
  • Close connections with those outside family wealth system
  • Ideas about sharing wealth
Important forms of Financial Capital
  • Family home
  • Vacation
  • Health insurance
  • Emergency savings
  • Equity interest in entities
  • Real estate
  • Employment relationships
  • Investments
  • Savings: education, retirement., “rainy day”
  • Insurance
  • Gifts of financial assets
  • Split-interest trusts
  • Charities and private foundations