Our Clients

We help leaders who aspire to be great ancestors ensure their exceptional families and enterprises thrive from generation to generation.

Many years ago, we realized our work was not for everyone.

In earning our professional standing, we’ve learned the purpose, principles and values underpinning everything we do resonate with a very select and limited group of family entrepreneurs.

In order to be highly effective and make a substantial contribution through our work, we saw we must be rigorous in selecting those with whom we choose to work.

This rigour is not based on a false conceit; experience has proven it is the only way for us to fully utilize the gifts we have been given and make the greatest contribution possible to the success of our clients.

As a result, we have been engaged in a continuous conversation about the characteristics our ideal clients possess. The fruits of this conversation have been bountiful. Bountiful certainly in the success we have enjoyed, but also bountiful in our deep understanding of what it means to be a leader who aspires to be a great ancestor. And, most importantly, bountiful as it drives us to continuously develop and discover new and better ways to help our clients fully realize their personal, family, social and financial potential.

Characteristics sought and rewarded

While each of our ideal clients is unique, we have identified a core set of characteristics common to all. This is not merely an exercise in creating an aura of exclusivity. At its most basic level, identifying these characteristics challenges us to make sure we deserve to have such great clients. That is why, throughout every step and stage of our process, and with every capability, system and resource we bring to bear, we hold ourselves accountable for acknowledging, protecting and empowering each of your most precious and powerful characteristics.

In seeking new client relationships we are looking for leaders who aspire to be great ancestors and are:

  • Instrumental in creating and increasing their family’s financial wealth
  • Willing to listen and reflect thoughtfully
  • Able to act decisively and in a timely manner
  • Compassionate
  • Able to feel and express gratitude
  • Wise
  • Respectful and acknowledge the value of other people’s wisdom
  • Truly motivated by philanthropy (beyond tax advantages!)
  • Striving to make a positive difference in the world
  • Committed to the success and fulfillment of individual family members (career and personal)
  • Looking for ways to create and enhance their family as an extended unit existing in a state of dynamic harmony
  • Aggressively trying to make the most of their limited time and life energy
  • Renaissance people actively referencing their well-developed knowledge of history, culture, literature, and politics. (All the critical elements creating/influencing the times they live in.)
  • In possession of a powerful, personal insight and perspective as to what is really happening and what is most important. This insight is their “why” and it drives what they choose to do and who they choose to be.

Do you recognize yourself?

If you do, you may wish to consider experiencing how we acknowledge, protect and empower you as a leader who aspires to be a great ancestor.

To help you begin this experience and more fully understand the value we could create together, we offer three choices:

Informal Chat

1. We invite you to contact us with your questions and to explore the issues you wish to address and the opportunities you wish to realize. Click here to arrange an informal chat.

Test Drive

2. If you would like to test-drive a small piece of our process, try our Basic Questions self-assessment. This interactive form is an easy yet effective tool for more fully understanding how prepared to leverage change you and your family may or may not be. To access this form, simply create a personal (and completely confidential) Question Central account. It only takes 30 seconds and gives you immediate access to the Basic Questions module as well as other modules we will be offering from time to time.

Transformative Discovery

3. If you would like to experience something substantially more significant, we offer a complimentary discovery process. It begins with a structured discovery conversation during which we explore where you are stuck and why it is difficult for you to overcome persistent obstacles and issues. We also help you clarify and articulate a meaningful and powerful vision for yourself, your family and your enterprise. And, we explore and provide transformative principles and strategies for addressing the challenges you face and taking advantage of the opportunities ahead.

The discovery conversation takes approximately 90 minutes of your time and enables us to deliver a personal blueprint for leveraging change. The blueprint is your to keep and there is no further obligation.

Once you have completed the discovery session and received your blueprint, you will fully understand the value engaging in our process will create for you, your family and your enterprise. Please click here to schedule your discovery conversation.

We look forward to hearing from you.