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Zoom Out a blog by Bonnie and Michael Hartley

Why this blog?

We want to make change an accessible and manageable topic; one that is not driven by fear or resistance. We want our readers to realize that planning for and leveraging expected and unexpected change is both a process and a skill.

The title Zoom Out is meant to describe the ability to disengage from the immediate and expedient, from the specific and tactical. By zooming out to a broader, more strategic vantage point, we are able to reset our focus, fine-tune our direction, and better prepare for and manage change.

Are you cyber secure?

  How do threats to cyber security impact enterprise families?  The challenges of living in a digitized world include both personal and business threats because significant financial, human and social capital resources are interwoven and consequently at higher risk than … Continue reading

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The Good and Bad News about Trusts

The Good and Bad News about Trusts   Recently I read with great interest a blog called “Confessions of a Trust Fund Baby” by Caroline Faber, posted May 20, 2013 on LearnVest ( Ms. Faber’s steep learning curve and self-discovery … Continue reading

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Contingency Planning: Keeping the rug firmly under your family’s feet

A recent New York Times article about one woman’s reaction and eventual response to being completely unprepared for her young husband’s unexpected death, reminded me that while change is constant, some changes are completely life altering. When death or catastrophic … Continue reading