Advisor Assets

The TDI Consulting Coach Process

Speed Consulting for Professionals

What do you do when…

  • Your ability to help families manage and benefit from change is side-swiped by troubling and complex emotional flare ups?
  • Client families become stuck part way through your process for little or no apparent reason?
  • Preparing for and managing change exposes flaws in client family dynamics creating division, doubt, and animosity over tough issues and important decisions?

What if you could…

Easily and affordably gain access to the capability and capacity to identify, understand and resolve or avoid even the most explosive and disruptive family conflicts?

Accelerate client progress through your process?

Increase your effectiveness, enhance relationships and grow your practice by spending more time in your unique ability activities?

The answer to all these questions is…

The TDI Consulting Coach Process

We call our process Speed Consulting for Professionals because it is quick, intense, practical and affordable.

Quick: It only takes one month to integrate our process into your practice. And, it only takes one hour per month to apply our wisdom to your client cases.

Intense: Start up and subsequent monthly sessions are highly organized, packed with proven wisdom, and intentionally specific to your practice and client needs.

Practical: TDI consultants provide real world advice for real-world problems; not just  theory, rather we focus on what is essential and achievable.

Affordable: The efficiency of the process enables us to deliver it for a fraction of the expense of engaging consultants on a case-by-case basis.