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So many issues-financial, legal, interpersonal-impact the lives of you and your family. How can you figure out where to start making changes to ensure your financial security and personal happiness?

Question Central provides answers tailored to your individual needs.

Question Central currently offers our “Basic Questions” interactive questionnaire that assesses your family’s readiness to cope with a myriad of family situations, such as a sudden death in the family. Simply click here¬†and answer the questions. Upon completion, you’ll receive an evaluation of your family situation along with suggested next steps. The results may open your eyes to a gap between where you think you are vs. where you actually are.

Consider having multiple family members respond separately to this questionnaire. You may discover the family is not as well-prepared as you think. This situation may be easily remedied with professional assistance, so take the first step now to improve your family’s future.

More topics coming soon

Question Central is starting with the “Basic Questions” module, but will soon add modules on:

  • Sudden death
  • Dynamics of aging families
  • Health care issues of aging families
  • Unexpected wealth

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For professional advisors

Professional advisors may also use Question Central’s modules to help their client families.

Question Central is an online technology platform designed to serve families and their professional advisors. The tools are designed to allow a single user, or multiple family stakeholders work towards the goal of creating constructive change. For more information about how advisors may purchase multiple copies at a reduced rate, enter your email address here: