Family success is founded on vision, missions and goals that match the changing needs of societies, markets and economies. Success is served by family structures designed to implement long-range strategies. It is driven by family cultures that provide motivation, unified purpose and commitment. Governing the effectiveness of each strategic component are individuals and teams who can lead the family to its full potential.

Dr. Bonnie Brown Hartley uses the Birkman Profiles™ to clearly identify individual behavior styles, needs, interests and changes in behavior style when needs aren’t met. They work well as part of a leadership development program for the next generation of family business owners and leaders because they track behavior, interests and competency development over time.

The profiles are highly effective when working on team building among family and non-family managers. And, the Birkman Profile has been essential in Bonnie’s work in cases where two family business organizations must blend their cultures and learn how to work together as teams after an acquisition.

The Birkman Method™ goes well beyond assessing individuals and enables family and business leadership to optimize human capital performance potential. It provides in-depth information from within the family or business and from a multi-dimensional database of over 1.5 million. It reveals and helps decision makers neutralize misperceptions affecting the performance of individuals, and ultimately, the success of families and their advisory teams.

The Birkman Method™ allows leaders to identify the real controlling culture and reality of a family or business and to redesign an environment which aligns the individual with agreed upon, shared goals.

It promotes four strategic applications:

  • Building Powerful Teams that will perform with maximum effectiveness and productivity.
  • Selecting For Success—selecting the right family members and hiring the right advisors the first time.
  • Coaching For Excellence and mentoring to help individuals make productive changes.
  • Shaping Successful Careers that serve the individual, the business and the family.

For more information on the Birkman Method™, visit the Birkman Web site.