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Zoom Out a blog by Bonnie and Michael Hartley

Why this blog?

We want to make change an accessible and manageable topic; one that is not driven by fear or resistance. We want our readers to realize that planning for and leveraging expected and unexpected change is both a process and a skill.

The title Zoom Out is meant to describe the ability to disengage from the immediate and expedient, from the specific and tactical. By zooming out to a broader, more strategic vantage point, we are able to reset our focus, fine-tune our direction, and better prepare for and manage change.

The Good and Bad News about Trusts

The Good and Bad News about Trusts   Recently I read with great interest a blog called “Confessions of a Trust Fund Baby” by Caroline Faber, posted May 20, 2013 on LearnVest ( Ms. Faber’s steep learning curve and self-discovery … Continue reading

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